Friday, June 12, 2009

The Worlds Second Largest Clock

Seth Thomas created this big boy that you can find at the Colgate factory in Clarksville IN. The plant is closed now and the factory and clock are sadly threatened with demolition to make way for a planned entertainment district. The clock was built in 1906.
The history of the factory is interesting in its own right, it used to be the Indiana State Prison. In 1919 a fire damaged the prison and the state sold the building for the factory. Prisoners continued to live there and converted it to the Colgate factory. A guard told me you could still see remnants of the jail inside.
The big clock was originally at the Colgate plant in New Jersey and was moved to Clarksville when the largest clock in the world was purchased for that New Jersey plant.
Truth is, the 12 meter clock shown here doesn't hold that 2nd biggest record any more. Istanbul has a 36 meter clock but that is almost small compared what will soon be the largest clock in the world in Saudi Arabia, now under construction. It will be a monster at 40 meters

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