Sunday, May 17, 2009

UFO Welcome Center, bowman SC

The UFO Welcome Center is located in the small town of Bowman SC, south of Orangeburg just off I-26. Jody Pendarvis is the visionary who created the UFO, and apparently lived in it for a while. Apparently it is only a few years old, but it is deteriorating fast.
The Center is made up of 2x4 lumber and materials from salvaged windows, tar paper, and metal. Jody has decorated the whole area with old bomber tanks that look like rockets, an old radar unit and other strange objects to set the atmosphere.

I have never met Jody, I saw him on TV once when the local station went to see him for the morning show. I have been by the Welcome Center several times but have never found him there. I hope one day to catch him at the center and find out what he was thinking, and what the local building inspector said about his structure. What I want to do is go to the gas station next door and buy some beer and get to know this guy. He has got to be interesting !

To find the UFO Welcome Center go to 4004 Homestead Road, Bowman, SC 29018. There is even a phone number on Google 803-829-2311. I called once and Jody started the recording with "this message is being recorded for posterity" as well as tour information, $1 per person.

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