Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oyotunji African Village

This is the Oyotunji African Village near Beaufort SC.  Started in the 1970s the village is now the home of about 10 families. The village claims to be "an independent government" and not a part of the United States. Their religion and culture are called Yoruba. 
I have lots more photos of the village and will eventually post them.  The statues, signs, paint colors, and walls on the 26 acre compound are great.  A guide will show you around for a small donation. It is worth the trip if you are in the area. 

This is a fascinating place.  Check out more at the official website of Oyotunji African Village   


  1. ive been there before its amazing and my aunt lives out there and goes to that village yemoja festival is coming up im gonna be there

  2. The so-called "Oyotunji African village" is bogus construct. It is populated by 8-10 families, all inbred cliques, most of whom are on welfare- which provides the bulk of the village "income." Supreme leader "Oba" does work time to time at his own business but the place for the most part is dominated by the welfare mamas. They have created a "black Potemkin" village, that while running a few Yoruba festivals, would not be recognized as authentic in Africa. They claim to be into self-sufficiency but behind the painted facades they show to visitors on so-called "tours" is a dump, that not even the welfare money has helped to fix up. They claim to be in to organics and "sustainable lifestyles" but aside from a few pitiful garden plots with chickens scratching here and there have done very little in the way of real organic farming. Most of their young people- the teens and young men that are so touted as "the next generation" have left or only hang around temporarily, little interested in the Potemkin project or the domineering petticoat government of the welfare mamas.

    You have been played by these people. The place is a far cry from the original founder's vision. Next time, take a look behind the facade and talk to people in the know (I live close by and others) who have left the so-called "African" village- which is basically now an American welfare mama compound with a shaky "African" veneer on ii