Friday, May 7, 2010

Love Valley Western Town

Love Valley is a small western town in Central NC, just off I-77.  You have to see this place to believe it.   The town was created by Andy Barker who is now the towns Mayor.  He wanted to be a cowboy and created the cowboy town in 1954.   This place comes complete with horses, hitching posts, a sheriff, a jail, boardwalks, saloons, and even a general store and hardware store.  The roads are dirt, horses only except for loading and unloading.  
Apparently there are small ranches in the area around the town.  I was there on a quiet weekday morning but residents said the place is busy on the weekends.   Love Valley is near Union Grove NC, where the Union Grove Fiddlers Convention is located. 
Check out more about Love Valley at this link.   Love Valley NC
Also look at the great photos on the official town website.  Love Valley Town Website

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