Friday, May 29, 2009

Wigwam Village

Sleep in a Wigwam says the flashing neon sign on the highway in Cave City Kentucky at one of the few remaining wigwam motels in the country. Most of these jewels have been torn down in the name of progress but the entire semi circle of concrete wigwams and the big sized main office wigwam in the center proudly inhabit the property at 601 N. Dixie Highway in Cave City, KY.
The nightly rates are really cheap, the rooms are tiny and the bed, dresser and table are all really cool twig furniture. The owner has kept that great ambiance. This place is family friendly and you are likely to awake in the morning with kids piling back in the car to go to a nearby cave or another attraction on their family vacation. The Wigwams are a jewel. I am proud to say I stayed in one, and I would do it again !

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