Saturday, May 30, 2009

Squashapenny Junction Antiques

This is one of the most fun antique stores I have ever found. Near Richmond VA in the town of Doswell, Squashapenny Antiques is a couple of old buildings next to the railroad, a store and a great old bank. I don't have any inside photos here but you can find old store items, the strangest collection of fun antiques and collectibles and lots of odd items, all great and all fun to look at. This place is so full you can spend hours looking around and never see it all. Return and find more. The Bank Building houses a collection of fine folk art, on display like a museum, all for sale, all really nice items.

Out in the yard the owner has collected a quirky display of art objects. The concrete legs were made by a friend of the owner and are not for sale. The bottle tree is made of old thermos liners. The face is fiberglass.

Squashapenny's owner is quirky as her shop. This woman is a riot and you can spend hours talking and learning from her. She is also an old-school antique dealer, you wont find her selling on the Internet, you have to participate in the hunt the old fashioned way.

Before you go in to this eclectic shop put a penny on the tracks. The train is bound to come by while you are shopping and you can have your own Squashapenny.

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