Monday, May 25, 2009

E T Wickham, Folk Artist

E.T. Wickham was a visionary artist who lived in Palmyra TN, on Buck Smith Road, an hour east of Nashville. Mr Wickham started sculpting statues of his heroes and religious figures in about 1952 and ended in 1969. They were made of concrete with metal armature. He lived in a log cabin nearby.

The top photo is a 1961 creation depicting Mr. Wickham himself, marked "Riding A Bull to the Wild and Woley West, Remember Me Boys, When I am Gone. "

The statue of four people is from 1963 and depicts Tennessee Senator Estes Kefauver, Patrick Henry, John F Kennedy and, added in 1969, Robert Kennedy.
Each piece has a saying or quotation, often related to Wickam's religious beliefs or political leanings. All of them have been victims of gross vandalism and not a single statue still has a head. Weather, time, and fools have damaged most of these wonderful works to a point where they soon will be lost to time. It is a shame that they weren't preserved.

Wickham's cabin is the lower photo, all photos taken with my cell phone. I don't recommend walking around in the woods out there, I got hundreds of bug bites and ticks that took weeks to recover from.

If you like Outsider Art this is the one place you should see to honor this visionary artist. A chronology of ET Wickham work and original photos is online at:

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